The following is a case study I put together for a job interview at a software company. I was given a prompt and asked to make any assumptions needed to help get to the solution. 
Time constraint: 1 Week

Improve the experience of patients and general practice doctors during consultations. 

A user journey map of a general practitioner consultation. Two low fidelity mockups - one from the patent’s perspective, one from the doctor’s perspective.

Methods & Tools
Secondary research
User journey mapping
Below are the resulting user journey map and design concepts.
Gathering Insights
I started the process by conducting online research on healthcare consultations and articulating the user goals for both the doctor and patient.

White Papers
I read about patient-centered consultation methods and factors that contribute to strengthening the overall doctor-patient relationship.
"According to the patient-centred clinical method, the voice of the patient is at least as important in the consultation as the traditional medical findings. The doctors responsibilities are to obtain a shared understanding of illness and disease by acknowledging patients' ideas about the nature of the disease, feelings and changes in functional capacity and identifying and pursuing not only the medical agenda but also the patient's agenda." (Thorsen, Hanne, et al. 639)
"It has been shown that when patients are unable to express all their major concerns, they are less likely to follow the physician's prescribed treatment plan and they are less satisfied. On the other hand, the GP has a limited amount of time to elicit all the appropriate information and must ask certain questions about the biological aspects of the illness in order to carry out her professional responsibilities..."
(Larsen, J H, et al.295)

"Specific ways of strengthening the doctor-patient relationship were discussed, including understanding the illness experience, acknowledging the whole patient, setting boundaries, providing holistic care, developing rapport and participating in shared decision making. Empathy was especially important."
(Kay, Margaret, et al. 52)
User Goals
Before jumping into mapping out the user journey I articulated the goals of each stakeholder in the consultation.
Opportunities in the User Journey
As inputs for the user journey map, I captured and organized actions, ideas, emotions, and pieces of information involved in the consultation throughout my research. I then used the user journey map to identify opportunities for ideation.

Collecting pieces of content.

Arranging and rearranging steps involved in a consultation.

Identifying opportunities for further ideation based on the highs and lows of the user journey, as well as people and props.

Patient Concept
Can we infuse delight into the mundane? 
The resulting patient concept was inspired by the fact that new patients are often greeted at the doctor's office by the tedious and impersonal activity of filling out paperwork.

Before the consultation, new patients must fill out a “New Patient Form” providing basic information and consent.

Conversational web-based or native app “form” for patients. Designed for tablets, can be embedded into furniture as well. Fully integrated into physician’s patient CRM system for automated profile creation and updates.

This is an unpleasant activity for patients. Topics regarding health information privacy and data security were not taken into consideration.
Doctor Concept
How to promote empathetic and holistic caregiving?
The resulting doctor concept was based on the opportunity to encourage systematic 'Active Listening’ among doctors while patients have the “floor” to express their thoughts and concerns.

To begin a new consultation, the patient tells the doctor the reason for his or her visit, describes any symptoms, and explains what he or she thinks the issue may be.

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.”
A minimal design with lots of white space reduces distractions and encourages active listening by the doctor. Part of larger CRM platform designed for Desktop computers.

We assume customer loyalty and retention is a priority for the doctor. Topics regarding health information privacy and data security were not taken into consideration.

Works Cited

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