A little about me

I was born in South Korea and grew up in six countries. It was perhaps this nomadic upbringing and constant change in environment since I was at the impressionable age of four that fostered in me a deep curiosity for individuals and society.  I always loved human discovery – understanding why people see or behave the way they do within natural, or more often, socially-constructed environments. One day I realized, wait, couldn't we then construct our own environments?

I graduated from Brown University in the United States with a bachelors degree in two subjects: Anthropology and Economics. Although both social science degrees, they could not have been more opposite. From value systems to subsistence systems, micro to macro, theory to practice - I remain an eager student of all the different lenses we apply to understand ourselves and the invisible structures around us. Today, I am pursuing self-studies in psychology to further my understanding of how individuals and groups operate outside consciousness, and in machine learning to understand how technology can help automate human discovery at scale.

Soon after meeting, I also fell in love with user experience. The notion that all design decisions were deliberate, a place for applied ethnography, the act of collecting and organizing a complex mass of information, a space to bring something relevant and meaningful into the world – all of these things inevitably attracted me to the new and growing field. What has kept me to this day, however, is the magical synergies that arise when working with other people with unique perspectives and skillsets. It brings tremendous joy to my heart working with a passionate team to create the best possible experience, and realizing the team has become like family along the way.

In my free time, you can find me spinning away in the ceramics studio, or hiking in breathtaking Swiss landscapes. I also enjoy live music, traveling, and getting to know people of diverse cultures and perspectives.
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